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A competent team of application engineers is available to define the cooling task for your new production system. You can have your cooling unit upgraded by our experienced service technicians to include the most options at a reasonable price.

These are the advantages to you:

• The equipment will meet your actual need.

• You will profit from RIEDEL innovations by saving time and energy.

• The value of your machine will increase.

Place an order / request information by hotline, fax or e-mail: service@riedel-cooling.com

Safety check, because safe is safe

Chillers frequently operate around the clock. Accordingly, the demands on the systems are high.

Minor damage may not have a noticeable impact on the functioning of the system, but is responsible for increased operating costs and losses of efficiency, and is a first indication of a later, costly failure of the system. For this reason, you should have a thorough check performed on your system at least once a year.

A RIEDEL safety check will document the following:

• Functioning of the safety equipment (acc. to the Safety at Work Directives and Water Resources Act, EN 378)

• System leakage check (EC regulations 2037/2000, 842/2006, 1005/2009 and respective national regulations)

• Routine check of all relevant system components

The RIEDEL safety check is carried out by RIEDEL personnel as part of an inspection according to international directives and then documented with a certificate.

Brief maintenance guide

With a modest effort you can contribute to the durability of your operation yourself. The most important thing is to keep the water and air passages clean. The maintenance of refrigeration cycles should be left to experienced specialists.

We have provided a general guide for you here:

Furthermore, we would be happy to help you work out a maintenance strategy if a RIEDEL cooling unit is a relevant component of your production system.

Our worldwide RIEDEL ServiceNet will also gladly assume responsibility for the care of your systems:

Here you will find an overview of our service contracts


When your cooling unit stops and will not start again, time is of the essence. All our work is performed by trained specialists and in compliance with national personnel safety and environmental protection regulations.

Our own service technicians and long-standing service partners are available for the maintenance of your cooling unit through RIEDEL ServiceNet.

Here you can request support immediately.

Here you will find a brief maintenance guide and simple error diagnosis in 3 steps.

Diagnosis in only 3 steps

In only 3 steps you will have ruled out simple error sources yourself and can provide us with precise information for the necessary assistance, This guide is generally applicable. Because of different sensor systems and housing constructions, not all points apply to every cooling unit.

Here is a diagnostic guide ready for you to download.


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  • RIEDEL Maintenance Guide for Standard Cold Water Units

    Download PDF
    File size: 275 KB

    Diagnosis in 3 Steps
    Standard Cold Water Units

    Download PDF
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