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Cooling systems for industrial applications

From mass production to small batches

Cooling is a crucial part of production. It is responsible for ensuring appropriate temperatures for the tool, workpiece and the machine itself. The timings and service lives for the entire production process depend on the degree to which the cooling system provides ideal operating temperatures. If everything is sufficiently cooled, the production process runs like clockwork.

Standard chiller or OEM solution

RIEDEL standard chillers are perfect for these tasks. They offer a wide performance range, offering reliable cooling for individual machines through to an entire production line. There are two series to choose from, with refrigeration capacities ranging from 1 to 226 kW. These standard models are easily modified to meet specific customer requirements to ensure your production system receives precisely the level of performance required.

RIEDEL also offers new developments for OEM units. Whether you need space-saving ideas or specific technical parameters – our engineers work together with customers to develop a customised cooling solution capable of cooling the machine at the relevant points and ensuring maximum performance. RIEDEL applies its entire wealth of development expertise to tackling extreme and challenging operating conditions. All chillers adapted to specific customer requirements undergo thorough testing in our on-site laboratories and environmental chambers. Our test conditions can simulate extreme ambient temperatures and various levels of high air humidity – precisely tuned to reflect the exact environmental conditions the equipment will face in its subsequent operation. As life cycle costs (LCC) are a key consideration in modern production businesses, we seek to achieve optimum energy efficiency in all of our developments.

RIEDEL: Your cooling specialist for industrial application

  • Laser technology
  • Machine tools
  • Plastics industry
  • Printing industry
  • Surface technology
  • Packaging industry

RIEDEL in any case

Whether you're looking for a series-production device for a standard application or you need someone to develop a customised unit for you: you'll find what you're looking for at RIEDEL. Our two comprehensive series with refrigeration capacities of up to 226 kW cover most application requirements. If not, we use a structured working process to develop your own customised OEM cooling device.

Structured to obtain the optimum cooling solution for each customer

From the first contact to a product ready for series production, there are only a few steps. RIEDEL Quality Management will be there every stage to ensure that your customised product is commissioned as quickly as possible. Our After Sales Service then accompanies the life of your cooling solution.


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