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SC series: Compact chillers for low-output applications (1-15 kW)

All cooling block systems are compact, factory-assembled condensing units suitable for an immense range of industrial applications. All devices comply with multiple regulations, including EC directives, standards and provisions: ISO 9001, EN 378, VDE and BGV


The cost-effective basic range for standard applications or cooling systems with slightly raised requirements. In stock with refrigeration capacities from 1.7 to 13.3 kW.

The SC chiller is a plug-in universal solution from RIEDEL which provides precise, economical cooling for a wide range of processes. The unit is extremely versatile and compact. The devices are equipped with a tank and a pump, and can be installed in the immediate vicinity of your machine. All models within the SC series are in stock ready for delivery.


  • Cooling circuit with thermostatic expansion valve
  • Microprocessor-controlled temperature control with digital setpoint/actual display
  • Tank with integrated float switch
  • Pump
  • Bypass
  • Collective alarm function
  • Limit temperature monitoring
  • Floating remote start

Additional options:

  • Dirt filter for water circuit
  • Check valve and solenoid valve
  • Casters
  • More
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  • RIEDEL Cooling systems for industrial applications

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