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Standard series

PC series

PC series: chillers for industrial cooling (1-226 kW)

All RIEDEL modular cooling block systems are compact condensing units which are fully assembled at the factory and can be used in diverse industrial applications. All devices comply with multiple regulations, including EC directives, standards and provisions: ISO 9001, EN 378, and VDE and BGV standards. more

SC series

SC series: Compact chillers for low-output applications (1-15 kW)

The SC cooling block is a connection-ready universal solution from RIEDEL which provides precise, economical cooling for a wide range of processes. What makes this unit impressive is its versatility... more

MC series

MC series: Chillers for medical cooling (30-70 kW)

RIEDEL cooling units for medical applications are compact condensing units which are fully assembled and tested at the factory and perfect for use with medical equipment, including magnetic resonance imaging, CT and linear accelerators.

VK series

VK series: Chillers for commercial applications

RIEDEL cooling machines are the first choice for precision cooling in cabinets, vending machines and laboratories.

GEK series

GEK series: integrated refrigeration units for storing chilled and frozen goods

Chilled goods storage -5°C to +12°C – GEKN. Connection-ready commercial and household cooling. RIEDEL ready-to-install cooling units are the cost-effect answer...more


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