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OEM-specific series

For OEM-specific series devices, we take on all aspects of the project, from development and prototyping through to series certification.

This allows us to use our many years of experience in cooling technology to guarantee that your requirements for cooling your machines or processes are met in the best way possible.

RIEDEL also offers complete new developments for OEM units. Whether you need space-saving ideas or specific technical parameters – our engineers work together with customers to develop a customised cooling solution capable of cooling the machine at the relevant points and ensuring maximum performance. RIEDEL applies its entire wealth of development expertise to tackling extreme and challenging operating conditions. All cooling units adapted to specific customer requirements undergo thorough testing in our on-site laboratories and environmental chambers. Our test conditions can simulate extreme ambient temperatures – precisely tuned to reflect the exact environmental conditions the equipment will face in its subsequent operation. As life cycle costs (LCC) are a key consideration in modern production businesses, we seek to achieve optimum energy efficiency in all of our developments.

Whether series production, OEM-specific series for medical applications, or 19" rack chillers for cooling server cabinets, RIEDEL is always the right partner for customer-specific series solutions and helps customers to realise the full potential of their products with smart cooling solutions.

We deliver directly to your production facility, logistics company or in a KANBAN system. Our experience simplifies integration into your processes.

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